Search Engine Optimisation

SEO means results, not rankings

When we say ‘SEO’, we mean a lot more than simply link-building and optimising websites to rank well for particular keywords. Search ranking position, never mind return on investment,  is directly affected by paid search advertising, social media activity, usability and conversion rate optimisation, website hosting, information architecture, mobile accessibility, choice of site analytics…

SEO as a whole requires expertise or at least a good understanding of:

  • editorial & copywriting
  • statistical analysis
  • behavioural economics
  • coding / programming
  • information architecture
  • press & media work
  • user interface design

We understand the digital ecosystem, so talk to us if you want to make most of your online opportunities, reduce risks, reduce costs, and increase revenues.

1) SEO Reviews & Planning – a short project to put you on the right path

Designed for new businesses, and anyone wanting to do SEO work in-house.

We look at your markets, competitors, resources, budgets, existing website, social media and other activity, and identify your opportunities and weaknesses.

We then provide a point-by-point report detailing your position and options in the short to medium term, covering:

  • what needs fixing and how to do it
  • opportunities you are missing
  • how best to target your budgets and resources
  • how to monitor and gauge success

You can then follow this up by using Orange Tree Digital, or another agency, or in-house.

If you want to do the work in-house we will help you with planning, and provide any training required, plus on-going support.


2) Monthly SEO Management – expertise without long contracts

SEO is not a one-off activity, it’s a process that responds to changes and new opportunities and which keeps on delivering results.

This service is an initial 3 months, followed by a rolling month-by-month contract. We begin with an audit or your current site, it’s potential, and the market opportunity. We then agree with you some objectives, budgets, workplans and timescales.

The monthly management service includes:

  • an audit of  your website and your business objectives
  • competitor research, keyword and opportunity research
  • a plan for what we can achieve for your business on given budgets
  • guaranteed exclusivity for your particular sector, should you require it
  • full transparency on the SEO techniques we use – nothing that will damage your brand
  • continuing reviews of the market and new opportunities
  • monthly reporting


Guaranteed Rankings

We do not normally guarantee particular search ranking positions in what can be an a volatile medium with forces outside of our control – Google algorithm changes, new competitors, strong non-commercial sites such as wikipedia – that can make it impossible to rank at the top for certain words or phrases.

Also it generally doesn’t make sense to chase a single method of getting visitor traffic, at the expense of a broad strategy focussed on generating sales, leads or other activity. There are exceptions to this, for example ranking for your brand name is usually crucial. Indeed if reputation management is an issue you will want to dominate the search results page for your company or organisation name.

If it’s really important to you, then we will commit to guaranteed top five search engine rankings, but only on the basis of a minimum contract period, and that we have complete control over all website and off-site search optimisation.


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Why don’t you rank for the terms ‘Manchester SEO‘ or ‘SEO Company?’

Don’t hire an SEO company that doesn’t rank for the term ‘SEO‘.” That seems like sensible advice at first glance. Ranking for ‘SEO’ as a keyword is clearly a good indication of competence. It also demonstrates that a company is putting a lot (and I mean a LOT) of effort and staff time into getting that ranking, for possibly the most competitive search term in the world.

That’s only worth doing if you need to turn over clients on an industrial scale. Orange Tree Digital doesn’t need that many enquiries, in fact I don’t want them. So if we went toe-to-toe with larger agencies on that keyword the return on investment would be tiny. We rank for a few very targeted niche keywords that bring potential customers to this site. You may be one of them.

Most of our marketing is face to face networking. That’s what makes sense for us as a business:

  • About 2 in 10 of our customers come through this website via search engines, a business listings, client websites or an article or post I’ve written.
  • Another 1 in 10 come to us as the result of our responding to a tender.
  • A further 2 in 10 customers come through web agencies, for whom I sub-contract, with the client paying an extra commission.
  • The other 5 in 10, half of our business, come through personal recommendation by happy clients or other professionals we’ve worked with.

If and when we want to expand then we’ll probably target additional niche keywords, ones that bring the kind of clients and work we like to do or which are more profitable. That’s how your SEO company should think too.


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